Pace-Fainting and Candy

It’s really the ultimate event.  You get to go out after dark when you should be in bed.  Instead of itchy boring normal clothes you get to wear whatever you want, the more outrageous the better.  You get to wander the neighborhood and see other people in costume, then go begging for something sweet.  I’m talking about the Castro district in San Francisco of course.

This year was Toddler Harbat’s first real Halloween.  Last year she was excited but didn’t quite grasp the concept, and the year before that she was a week old and the mere act of digestion was thrill enough.  Here then, is a timeline of her entire life viewed through the orange-tinted glasses of October’s finest holiday.

This year’s costume, witchy witch, involved face painting, or as TH calls it, “pace fainting”.  Did she manage to sit still?  See for yourself.

By the time we’d wolfed down dinner the sun had set and the dark silhouettes of excited children and the swaying flashlight beams of parents could be seen in the streets.  TH was out the door like a Belmont Stakes champion, leaving behind her hat, broom, and mother.  The two witches went trick or treating while I managed to come up with a costume and get dressed in under 90 seconds:  Indiana Jones!  And I was recognizable to most kids, though one boy said under his breath as he retreated from the door, “His face doesn’t look like Indiana Jones, though.”  Sorry dude, I don’t have the Harrison Ford smoldering looks but you got some free candy so keep it to yourself.  I didn’t point out that he didn’t look any more like Buzz Lightyear than Amy Winehouse looks like Dame Julie Andrews.

This year’s batch of candy beggars was very well-mannered, though I missed seeing the little girl who came last year in a handmade embroidered ethnic outfit from Scandinavia complete with a red felt crown.  She and the costume were absolutely stunning, and sadly there was no standout costume this year.  Except one.  Shield your eyes!

  1. Thanks for the yearly Halloween progression. I am once again living vicariously through you. I love the face she is making in the last photo. She is quite animated, isn’t she.

  2. Babs said:

    Hey Indy! Pretty awesome witchy witch with the pace fainting. I must say, however, that the chili pepper was still a fave.

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