Never a Dull Moment

Having kids means being ready for anything.  Which isn’t really possible because they’ll always surprise you with something.  Example:  earlier this week I was giving Toddler Harbat a bath and, as usual, she had a running commentary going.  When she was just learning to talk I would’ve been ecstatic at hearing her run at the mouth but now I sometimes just want silence.

In the middle of her stream of consciousness monologue she tells me, “Babbo, we’re talkin’ about chicken soup.”  As if we were returning from a commercial break and she’s giving the live audience an update.  She has never eaten chicken soup.  When I asked her a few seconds later what we were talking about, she told me, “mermaid pools”.  You’ve really got to be buckled in tight when you converse with a toddler because the conversation is going to lurch suddenly in a new direction, come to a jarring stop, then race off sideways.

When I asked her this morning if we were “talkin’ bout chicken soup” she laughed and replied that, no, we were having breakfast.  She must wonder where I come up with this stuff.  My source material is close at hand, sweetie.

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  1. Babs said:

    As you were growing up, I’d like to remind you that I would have to tell those listening to you…”Just follow the crumbs”. Like father like daughter. 🙂

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