Cheap Fun

My wife’s a genius.  Why spend buckets of money on complicated electronic toys when sometimes the cheapest toy is the most fun?  Yesterday she bought Toddler Harbat some hair curlers at the dollar store.  Actual cost of plastic?  Three and a half cents.  Possibile value for fun?  Six figures.  All through dinner TH begged to open the package, and implored my wife and I to put in our curlers as well.  Once she got in the bath, it was Curler Time!  OMG!!  When I asked TH to look at me, smile, and show me her curlers, this is what I got, only after about twenty blurred shots as she bucked in her bath like a broaching whale.

Then it came time to salon, verb proper.  After we salonned her hair with the hair dryer, she stared dumbstruck in the mirror.

This is what happens when you use curlers?  Is it the face of excitement?  Will we be salonning Babbo’s hair next?  Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion to Curler Craziness 2010!

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  1. I literally laughed out loud. These are great! I love the look on her face in the last pic. Sometimes the cheapest toys are the funnest. We used to trace kitchen utensils with crayons growing up. Not sure why we liked it so much but it was a lot of fun to see the designs made by a slotted spoon.

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