Just Another Clown

We try hard in our household to eat well.  Which is why I’m proud to say that when Toddler Harbat saw this red-haired guy at a holiday parade this weekend she said, “Look at that clown!”  Yes!  [pumps fist] We’ve done well as parents!

Mr. McD. Has the brand recognition/market penetration of Mickey Mouse, yet he has evaded identification in our house because we don’t eat fast food.  Without Toddler Harbat, I would’ve forgotten that even though he’s a hamburger huckster, he’s still a clown, and a pretty friendly one too.  Check out the shout-out he gave to TH and her beautiful shoes at the parade.

I’m glad Ron is just another clown in our household.

  1. I’m glad that he is another clown in your household too. In my younger years I worked in a day care center. The children didn’t even need to see a Happy Meal in a commercial to know that Ronald represented McDonalds.

    Kudos to you!

  2. I hope the trend continues but I fear when she gets to school….peer pressure is greater than parental influence.

    Keep up the great efforts!

  3. Babs said:

    Well Hey–Ron aside, you have to love that Queen Elizabeth wave! She is all set!

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