Climbing Trees

There is something magical about climbing a living thing.  Sure, clambering up the back of the sofa is okay, but much better to climb up daddy, grappling onto handfuls of shirt and digging toes into any crevasse hoping for traction.  This weekend I was happy to have Toddler Harbat forgo her daily summit of Mount Babbo and instead try her hand at arboreal vertical locomotion.  This beauty of a live oak has probably entertained thousands of children (and lovesick teenage couples with pocketknives) over its many years.

Were you wondering about the outfit?  The Liz Taylor glasses and headwrap that look stuck in limbo between Shriner’s tassled hat and Gypsy fortune teller turban?  The striped pants with floral shirt that together make your retinas smolder?  The red socks because, after all, one does want a hint of color?  You can guess who picked out this outfit.  Really I think it’s the perfect tree-climbing garb because even if she scampered fifty feet up into the canopy like a spider monkey I’d still be able to see that outfit.  Hell, they could even see her from space with that traffic cone orange carrot hat.  Here then, is the full ensemble as shown by my little spider monkey.

  1. samantha said:

    What is up with that hat??!!!

  2. Babs said:

    Well Hey–didn’t you see it on Project Runway as the absolute latest accessory? As TH would say, “It’s Puuuurrrrfect!” Of course it was 84 degrees outside and her internal temp. was raised to + 150. Notice cheeks.

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