Celebrating our Flag

Something about small-town life has me enchanted.  Even though our small town is slowly being surrounded by the unincorporated areas of San Diego, like an island with rising waters lapping at the flood walls, our cozy town keeps its yesteryear charm and neighborly atmosphere.  This comes out during our many street festivals and parades, including this weekend’s Flag Day Parade.  There’s no jostling for position among thousands of drunk college kids, or expensive tickets and seats a mile from the action, just a short walk into town with some folding chairs and a spot by the curb along the parade route.

Child Harbat loves the American Flag, screaming out every sighting and waving her own flag with elbow-cracking vigor.  Here come the princesses!

In a local parade it seems just about anyone can join the procession.  There were Boy and Girl Scouts, church groups, car clubs, random folks in matching t-shirts, and dogs pulling carts and wearing star-spangled top hats.

After the fun of the parade it only made sense to mount up on our choppers and hit the road.  Here’s CH checking her front tire pressure in case she needs to go into a controlled slide.

Ahh, the open road.  All you need is a ladybug backpack stuffed with princess dresses, a tiger on your rear step, and the stars and stripes flying proud.

  1. Annie said:

    Lovely! We too love parades and spent Saturday night with a picnic dinner watching the parade of high school graduates – about 200 princess dresses in all! Am was in heaven.

  2. Po said:

    That whole tricycle getup with the backpack, flag and tiger cracks me up.

  3. Babs said:

    Well Lady Gaga could take some wardrobe tips from Lil’ Miss CH! Love the socks, shoes and especially the hitchhiker tiger!

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