America’s Birthday

Child Harbat has always been a patriotic little tyke.  From Flag Day to her first 4th celebration, she loves the Stars and Stripes, often shrieking out from her carseat, “’Merican flag!  I SEE ONE!”

Here she is ready for the 4th, or more accurately, ready for a Fourth of July parade at her preschool on Friday, July 1st.  Here’s the thing with parenting:  the things you think you’d never enjoy, like watching kids stumble around tooting on kazoos and looking confused, turn out to be the most enjoyable parts of your day.  CH’s school parade was just right, and she even modeled the 21st century three-cornered hat for me.  Open on top for air flow!  Happy Fourth of July!

  1. Babs said:

    Love that patriotic outfit…ESPECIALLY the 3 cornered hat! Happy 4th! P.S. She’s sooooo beautiful and those pigtails are quite the festive touch.

  2. She is so gorgeous.

    I just heard on the cable news that someone has made a study that reports that the more July 4th parades a child attends, the higher the chance they will vote Republican. It increases by 2% each parade!

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