Handmade Building

I’ve never talked about my work on this blog, for many reasons.  But sometimes I do something and realize it might be the most handmade thing I’ve done.  Here’s a tangle of steel that truly means something to me.  My design, my thought about how my building would look and function, became a drawing.  The drawing spawned many other drawings and consultants helped me realize my vision.  And now I get to see my vision come to life as the structural steel of a project I designed is being hoisted in the air.  I didn’t fabricate the steel or even design the structural system.  But with some movements of pencil on paper, and clicks of the mouse, I created something from my mind that is now coming into existence with the help of a team of consultants and builders.

For what it’s worth, I designed this building myself and now it’s handmade.


  1. Brenda said:

    What a terrific feeling to have a dream realized. Designing a building – it just isn’t something anyone can do!

  2. Babs said:

    Absolutely amazing! Honestly, like looking at your creation of CH, it makes a parent proud! What a feeling.

  3. Po said:

    Cool dude!

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