Panda and Our Other Animal Friends

I love talking with Child Harbat to find out what animal she is.  You see, it changes by the minute.  Just when I ask her if “little kitty can come get her shoes on” she responds in a stern voice, “No!  I’m an otter baby!”  Then when it’s time for otter baby to get in the car, she’s moved on to being a mommy ant.  In our household animals are as much a part of life and discussion as gods and spirits were to primitive civilizations.  They painted on caves and carried out elaborate rituals, we put Panda in time out because he said naughty words.

If I knew more about child psychology I’d better understand why, at three-and-half, CH wants to be any animal other than a human, anything other than herself.  Maybe she is already tired of being a little girl, or maybe likes the expanded toenail-painting options when you are a centipede.  Regardless, I’ve learned a lot about zoology from my daughter.  Now please note that if I don’t respond to emails right away it’s because I have trouble typing with my hooves.  I SAID I’M A HORSE!

  1. Babs said:

    Does the blue tray have anything to do with Panda’s time-out? What exactly did he do to deserve that? Could you ask Ms. Otter, horse, kitty or whatever?

    Ms. Warthog

  2. Anonymous said:

    Good eye! The blue pad is a timeout pad. It’s got a timer, siren, and some kind of pressure sensor. In principle you put the kid down on it and if they get up before 1 minute has passed, the alarm goes off.

  3. Babs said:

    I was thinking 1/2 hr. might be more suitable for Panda. Uh Huh.

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