Photography From Knee-Level

Child Harbat has learned to use our camera.  I’m not surprised—after five minutes with my wife’s iPhone, CH was deleting apps and getting new ones she liked.  Now when I download pictures from the camera I find, scattered among my own, pictures taken from a different point of view.  Child Harbat has an eye for photography and it’s not based on principles of composition, the rule of thirds, or a photojournalistic impetus.  It’s more expressionistic.  So I give to you the first gallery presentation of Child Harbat photography.  It may not seem to be in order, but that is part of the presentation—a seemingly random lurching from one subject matter to the next, which is actually a conscious portrayal of the ennui of modern society that…oh just shut up and show the pictures!

Ah, but of course, a pony

They're like zombies, rising up from the darkness


The lightbulb dawns over a new day

  1. These are awesome Peter. She really has a knack for it. Thanks for posting these. Its nice to see things from a child’s perspective.

  2. Po said:

    I love finding these pix on my phone. I always get a good laugh.

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