Number Two

There’s a second Harbat on the way, and coming soon, mid-November to be exact.  Funny how the second time around you’re much more relaxed.  It’s like final exams in high school—as a freshman you’re sweating it out and planning your study schedule, and as a senior you think, “Oh yeah, finals are this week…better study or something”.  Just kidding, Mom!  I actually got the best grades of my high school career in the spring semester of senior year, when everyone else was eyeing the calendar and getting into the sprinter’s start position at the door.  But we’re talking about babies, and one is one the way soon.

Now the important question:  what kind of baby?  A human baby!  A boy, to be exact.  I’m going to have a son, a phrase that brings a different but no less joyous warmth than saying I have a daughter.  My wife and I both didn’t have a preference, except another girl would’ve made hand-me-down clothes a household institution.  I think my wife and the grandparents are secretly pleased, because they can buy a whole new genre of clothes and toys.

How do I feel about having another kid?  Much more excitement and less fear than the first time.  Scratch that, same amount of excitement but MUCH LESS anxiety.  I know how to deal with diapers, vomit, crying, and crazy sleep schedules.  I’m really interested to see how this boy will fit into our family unit.  I told my wife it feels like the party has already started and another guest is coming in the door.  The welcomes are louder, the music is going.  Being the second guest to a party is much easier than being the first, where you have to pretend to help “set up” and judge the moment it’s okay to plunge your hand into the chip bowl and crack open the firs beer.  The second guest can come in when everything’s already rocking.

We don’t have a name, we don’t have the crib set up, we don’t have all the diapers and supplies, we haven’t dusted off the baby seat and bottles.  Number Two, as we call him, is arriving in a dynamic and much more relaxed household than did Baby Harbat.  Now let’s see how his older sister takes care of him.

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  1. Congrats to you and your family! That is wonderful news. I look forward to the future blog posts!

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