The Wide World of Injuries

There are folks who fling themselves off cliffs in Norway with wingsuits and scrape the cliffsides with their fingertips at a hundred miles an hour.  There exist people who strap themselves into rally cars and hurtle through forests on two wheels while someone screams at them in Finnish.  There are fearless souls who, willingly, put on oversized satin shorts and dance on a raised square in front of a crowd and let themselves be punched in the face.

We expect these people to get injured.  Rightfully, because they are dangerous endeavors.  However, I’m more baffled by the injuries my daughter gets from some of the following activities:

  • Eating a bowl of yogurt
  • Putting on a sock
  • Pointing at a bird in a tree
  • Sitting motionless in a chair

On a daily basis I hear tears and Child Harbat’s plaintive call, “Babbo, I hurt myself!”  Sometimes these injuries come two or three per hour.  If my child was engaging in the high-risk sports promoted by Red Bull-chugging hyper-athletes in spandex I’d expect a certain amount of physical punishment.  But a four-year old girl laying her head on a pillow?  Really?


1 comment
  1. Babs said:

    Nothing like Babbo and Mama’s attention. Then again, she really may be a bit of a Calamity Jane. it all builds character!

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