No Such Thing as Too Old for Halloween

My daughter’s been talking about her Halloween costume since November 1st of last year.  There have been options ranging from witch to princess rainbow unicorn glitter pony to kitty.  This year her Grandma helped out with a costume which is, I believe, a cross between fairy, ladybug, and butterfly.  A fuggerfly?  There must be something in the Grandma psyche that understands that anything involving antennae, wings, and glittery shoes will be a hit.  The first picture is before I told her to smile, at which point she turned on the fifty gigawatt Child Harbat Super Smile®.

This kind of joy shouldn’t be limited to children.  I’ll be coming up with something at the last minute tonight which may or may yes involve a rainbow wing.  My original plan was to put a whole chicken on my head, splatter tomato sauce on my shirt, and crawl out of the bushes when trick-or-treaters approach our door.  I think a Half Life 2 headcrab zombie is a legitimate Halloween scare for kids but my wife thinks it might be “too scary”.  I think little kids will squeal with delight and laugh at such an adorable creature crawling out of the dark bushes and moaning, “Oh God, Oh God, help me!  Auuggghhhh!”

  1. Po said:

    Lordy….I forgot how creepy those things looked. That wig and hat combo we’re creepy too. You should post a pic.

  2. Hope it was a fun night. She looks adorable!

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