At Least I Can Still Bake

It’s reassuring to know that, despite my faults and impatience, my inability to clean the house without grumbling, and scathing reviews of most drivers on the road (honestly, it’s just rain!  Move!) I can still put together a trio of pretty breads.  These three are from yesterday’s batch of honey multigrain.  The spiral scoring on the right is new for me and I think I’ll keep it, as it allows a boule to spring in the oven in a more perfect circle, as opposed to the cross which results in a slightly more square loaf.  I think with some chipotle mayo, a slice of bacon, and a thick slab of turkey, this bread could form the bookends of a tasty sandwich.

  1. Your breads are indeed lovely. Congratulations, you can still bake and bake so well!!! Do drop by my space when you have the time. I’d love to hear from you.

  2. Babs said:

    Yum! Those are awesome and…those drivers deserve derision or maybe just 10 inches of snow to see what it’s really like to drive in bad weather! Great job!

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