Who Can Understand the Mind of an Infant?

Now that I’ve returned to work full-time, I get to see my one-month old son in a nice long block from 6-10pm.  It is therefore unfortunate that this is the time of day he reserves for his colicky meltdown.  The moment I step in the door I am presented with an upset baby by my exhausted wife who’s been dealing with him all day, and until he finally wears himself out around 10, I deal with this kind of inexplicable behavior:

Is it upset stomach?  No, since he’s not pulling up his knees as he does when his stomach hurts.  Fatigue?  Yes, he’s tired but will often erupt into full-on wailing after lying in his bed in a dark room for two minutes.  Is his diaper wet?  No.  Is it too cold in the room?  No.  Did I—no.  Wh—no.  Every explanation, every logical cause-and-effect calculation has been run.  When I attempt to understand the mind of an infant, I’m reduced to this:


  1. Beth said:

    The nice thing with an infant is that they are changing so fast that most phases end pretty quickly or as a parent you work out the solution/routine that addresses the problem. Hard to accept when you are dealing with a fussy baby.

  2. Po said:

    Yeah, what you said.

  3. And there he is, looking like his big sister in his serene state.

    • Yes, I’ve read and listened to it, narrated by the lovely and furious Samuel L. Jackson. I have asked my son this question several times already but haven’t received any useful response.

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