Bedtime Stories My Daughter Hates, Pt. 4

This is the last one, and then it’s lights out!

Once upon a time there was a chicken called Mr. Cluckers.  He had very fancy pants.  Mr. Cluckers strutted over to the hens.

“Look at MY fancy pants!” he crowed.

They said, “Humph.”  Mr. Cluckers though they were just jealous because they didn’t have any pants at all.  Then he paraded in front of the sheep.

“Hmm,” they said, chewing on their cuds.  They want fancy pants too, thought Mr. Cluckers, and they don’t have them.  He smiled and walked to the pig enclosure.  He slipped and fell in the mud and all the animals screamed with laughter.


  1. P.S. Mr. Cluckers is inspired by a real rooster, Mr. Fancy Pants, who was EXTREMELY proud of his outrageous frilly leg feathers and regaled my cousin’s family with heroic displays of cockiness. He did not fall in the mud, but was eaten by a coyote. Rest in peace, Fancy Pants.

  2. Babs said:

    And the moral of the story is…don’t strut around in fancy pants and gloat–especially around coyotes?

  3. I’m afraid the animals weren’t the only ones screaming with laughter. Thanks for the laugh today, Peter!

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