Children’s Museum

If you have kids and live in a city with a children’s museum, take them.  If you aren’t familiar with this kind of place, its often a facility with interactive exhibits for children of all ages.  Often it’s just as much fun for adults.  The one here in San Diego is an incredible facility.  Besides the fascinating architecture, the museum regularly rotates its exhibits so the whole place feels made anew every several months.  Last time we went there was a two-story wooden Trojan Horse in the lobby that you could climb over and into.  Now it’s gone, replaced by little pods just the right size for kids to explore, each one made of steel and plexiglass and containing headphones playing who knows what.

One of the wonderful things about this museum is the hands-on emphasis.  From modeling clay, painting a car, or drawing all over a wall with colorful chalk, this is a place for kids to do all the things that are normally frowned upon at home.  (This week CH and I spent some time scrubbing crayon drawings off the window sill.)  Even if you don’t have kids, may you find inspiration from the fun of materials.  This weekend get some clay, chalk, paint, and just have fun making art.

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  1. Our kids LOVED the children’s museum in Atlanta.

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