Other Uses for Money

This is a breaking news update.  I need quarters for parking meters and I find the money has been taken out of the cubby in my car.  Then I find my mug of spare change has disappeared from my dresser.  Where has the money gone?

According to an eyewitness (and some suspect first-person) account , the silver coins are making a trail to the witch’s house under the red table.  There is no report yet on the fate of the pennies.  Despite the seeming danger, our eyewitness seems calm and even sanguine about the unfolding events.

Some might say she was even suspiciously over-enthusiastic.

  1. OKay Granma. Just close your eyes when you have to confront something uncomfortable. I think she’s got a great yellow brick road. Will she trade them in for bills??

  2. Anonymous said:

    Well, as soon as our change jar is filled, its contnets are on their way to SD!
    Old Pete

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