Growing Season

Holy Moley!  With the recent rains here in SoCal, the garden is literally exploding with growth.  Last year my wife, in an optimistic fit of seed-planting, sowed some kale in our garden.  Now it’s coming up with a vengeance, sending out leaves of the size you see native children in the Amazon using as umbrellas.  I assume we could cook these up with some lemon juice and olive oil but we’ll need to convert a satellite dish into a wok and build a bonfire in the front yard.

Our lemon tree is putting out so many flowers we’re going to be making lemonade this fall to test the old adage.

Having survived the winter, the strawberry plant is sending out runners like a Roman emperor spreading the word of victory to the far reaches of the empire.  Flowers!  Fruit!  Growth!  Rejoice!

Another survivor in the garden is the pepper plant, entering its third year.  The plant’s desiccated tan stalk tempts me to pull it out with the weeds until it defies nature and logic by growing a bulbous red pepper.  This is no less miraculous than seeing an old crone, bent double with age, stroking gnarled hands over her pregnant belly.  Life finds a way!

  1. Erin Michel said:

    How wonderful! I’m a bit jealous. You can make the kale chips that are all the rage right now with all that kale. Enjoy!

  2. Kale chips…good idea! If I can convince Child Harbat that they are junk food that will be both diabolical AND good parenting! I’ll have to find a recipe–anyone have any good ones?

  3. Yes. Proceed as follows: Buy goats. Feed them kale. In a few hours your garden will be spotted with kale chips.

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