Gruesome Crime Scene Photos

Last night I was horrified to come into my daughter’s room and find the following scene.

Note the victim, face-down amidst books and other scattered goods.  It’s hard to tell whether these are signs of a botched robbery attempt or simply the mess of a four-year old.  On closer inspection, the victim’s skirt is not fastened and she appears to be missing a shirt altogether.  One shoe has either been removed or was flung off in a struggle.

The suspect, when asked about her whereabouts the evening of the crime, was “too busy cutting out stickers” to answer questions.  The record shall note the suspect showed either complete honesty in feigning knowledge of the goings-on in her bedroom or is a cunning liar.  Will the mystery of Dolly’s demise ever be solved?  We know who we won’t be hearing from in the investigation:  Dolly herself.  Multiple attempts to engage her in conversation were rebuffed.  Crime scene investigations:  one of the many role’s of today’s father.  Nobody said parenting was easy.

  1. Hilarious! Not sure what is more hilarious–the story, the suspect, or the writer getting down on his hands and knees to take those pictures-ha-ha.

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