Living Near the Wild

Never forget that we are evolved animals living in a world of wonderful and dangerous creatures.  On a family hike I was told by a couple coming in the opposite direction on the trail that there was a rattlesnake up ahead.  Child Harbat was tired and dragging her sneakers in the dust so I had little fear of her suddenly bolting ahead, but nonetheless told her I would go ahead.  Never mind that I was carrying Number Two on my back, he safely asleep and sweaty in the carrier.  If I were to be bitten by a snake I could collapse in the brush while the snake’s relatives swarmed over me like flies to carrion.  These are the things I let my wife worry about.  I was happy to march forward to see the snake before it disappeared.  Here he is, the little guy.  Stretched out, they are no danger as they can’t strike, and he was more interested in getting off the trail.  Happily, I didn’t get bitten and the reward for my foolhardiness was a nice closeup look at a beautiful snake.

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  1. Brenda said:

    Learned something reading this. Didn’t know a snake couldn’t strike if it was layed out. I guess they must be coiled up in order to strike. Glad #2 was asleep too.

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