Wonderful Week, Part One

My posts have been sporadic recently, and I apologize for that, but we’ve been out having fun.  In a series of posts I’ll show how having fun can sometimes be as easy as being a kid again, whether it’s having cotton candy and riding on roller coasters or just dressing up and going to look at giant ponies.

Let’s start first with the Rainforest Café.  Yes, it’s overpriced, yes the food is forgettable at best.  Yes, there are thunderstorms twice an hour that scare small children with the loud thunder and flashing lightning.  But there’s something about eating next to a pair of trumpeting elephants that makes you forget all that.

Do you think she cares that the chocolate milk cost as much as a draft beer and the mac and cheese was gummy?  Let’s ask her!

This is what’s great about going to ridiculous places like the Rainforest Café with kids.  Their excitement makes you forget about practical things like flavor and taste and focus on the things that matter, like the large gorilla that periodically grunts and shakes a large branch.  I couldn’t figure out why said gorilla had a 1920s flapper haircut with straight sides that made it look like a hairier version of Victoria Beckham.  Did Child Harbat care the gorilla’s hair was a bit unnatural?  Let’s ask her!

And there you have it, the first chapter in a wonderful week.  Tomorrow we visit the magic kingdom, the place I’ve avoided my whole life even though for the past eight years I’ve lived less than two hours away.  Keep those pages refreshed because tomorrow we go to…DISNEYLAND!

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  1. I think kids have so much fun everywhere because they have absolutely no expectations and everything they see and do is a new adventure. We can all learn from them. Looking forward to the next installment.

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