Rub a Dub Dub, Some Stuffies in a Tub

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by this kind of thing any more.  While the level of sophistication has changed the pure randomness and joy in the play has not.  During naptime, Child Harbat decided that all her stuffies needed outfits.  When I went into her room I found outfits laid out across the floor in a long row, like a debutante who needs to see all her options before picking a ball gown.  CH was Very Proud of her outfit/sunglass coordination so I let her carry on with not napping.  By bathtime the stuffies were dressed and embarked on the S.S. Inflatable Tub and ready, by the looks of it, for a cruise along the French Riviera.  Actually, given the quality of the clothes, I think this bunch is on a budget cruise to Mexico.  No matter, they certainly look happy!

Especially this one.  CH calls her Poodlelicious, which is a single pause away from poo delicious.  This is a glimpse inside the mind of a five year-old.

  1. Poo Delicious is ready to set sail! That girl has an imagination! You have to give her that!

  2. See how Panda’s A line skirt helps minimize her “apple” shape

  3. crissypo said:

    That poodle is already ridiculous, but the glasses really put her over the top.

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