Today We are Five

Well, that went by quick.  My girl went from a nothing to a crying pink thing to a smiling baby to a toddler, walker, runner, and now, a little girl.  Now she’s a force of nature, a beautiful wild person, in personality and energy beyond what I could’ve imagined.  How many tears, hugs, laughs, games, and experiences have built up in those five short years, it couldn’t be counted.  I’ve tried to capture every moment but it’s so hard when you try to get them fed, bathed, to bed, the sun and moon gyre about and you’re doing it again.  Taking care of them sometimes turns you into a railroad engineer, watching the clock and impatiently tugging on the whistle.  I’ve seen her first meal, first haircut, first steps, first injury, first day of kindergarten, first sleepover.  There’ll be more firsts but never again a fifth birthday, so happy birthday Child Harbat, my little girl and the future queen.

1 comment
  1. Babs said:

    Happy Birthday CH! It’s hard to believe it has gone by so quickly. What a beautiful young lady!

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