The Mad Costumed Dash for Candy

I’ll start by saying I am not sick to my stomach from eating too much candy.  This may be a first for me, a sign that I’m finally growing up a bit.  Or it was my fear of running out of candy for trick-or-treaters and then ending up with way too much.  My wife had set a strict “two pieces per” rule which I abandoned around 8:00 when it was clear we were going to have hundreds of pounds of leftover Sweet Tarts and Laffy Taffy, two things you definitely don’t want to eat in excess.  Chocolate and beer…yes.

But how were the costumes?  Let’s just say the reaction was mixed.  Tomorrow we can get a view of Child Harbat’s costume, which involved face paint and whiskers.  I was dressed as Indiana Jones again.  It seems to be my default costume now, the result of inertia and poor planning.  But I was heartened by how many kids actually recognized the character.  “Good lad, here’s a couple dozen Laffy Taffys.  Tell your friends.”

My wife dressed up as a witch, her default costume.  Any requests for the “sexy” version of costumes were met with squinted eyes and a scowl.  Okay, fine.  MAYBE I’LL JUST DRESS AS A SEXY LONGSHOREMAN!

That leaves Number Two.  What did the boy wear for his first Halloween?  Fozzie Bear!  Was he happy with his costume?  Let’s ask him.

Happy Halloween!

  1. No fair! I actually saw a very happy Fozzy Bear on Facebook. Did you just steal his last Laffy Taffy? We suffered from the same issue–eat to much of the Halloween candy prior to the regularly scheduled distribution, then end up buying MORE, pours rain during the timed Halloween Trick or Treat time and end up with excess that, of course, ends up where the first batch went!

  2. crissypo said:

    That was the only pic I took with him crying. The rest of the time he was just trying to wiggle out of it 😉

    • Yes, but this is definitely the most funny picture one that captures the ennui of knowing Halloween, like the sticky residue of candy, will soon disappear under the water of…um…water of winter that…oh Christ, where is this metaphor going?.

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