Halloween Aftermath

I am astonished at the self-control and noticeable absence of stomach-knotting consumption of candy this week.  Child Harbat managed to pick out two candies yesterday, one before dinner and one for dessert, and didn’t whine at all about wanting more.  I suspect that she isn’t as sugar-crazed as other children might be.  This could be because she doesn’t drink juice or soda, we have fruit for dessert, or she inherited her mother’s salt tooth.  Regardless, it means even more leftover candy around the house.  Usually it sits in a basket somewhere for six months before I discover it and dump it into the trash.  But now I’m wondering if that counts as industrial pollution, considering the chemicals in today’s candies.  As CH and I chewed through a package of Mike ‘n Ikes, I found this worrying ingredient on the package:  Medium Chain Triglycerides.  Should I be worrying about the horn I have growing out of my shoulder today?

BUT WHAT ABOUT HER COSTUME?  And now, the unveiling of the happiest Hello Kitty in the solar system, Child Harbat:

As costumes go, this one was relatively easy and except for loose ears which kept slipping down (hers, not mine, though those medium chain triglycerides might change that) she had no wardrobe malfunctions.

I already know that I can’t retread my Indiana Jones costume for next year.  It’s time for something new, something bold.  I’m going to dress as the Honorable Madame Councilwoman Spanakopita Lefteris.  “I move for a floor vote to eliminate candy distribution in 2013.  Hey you kids, off my lawn!”  [throws shoe and adjusts bra]

  1. I never noticed those Medium Chain triglycerides slowing you down in the past? My question is…what are HIGH Chain triglycerides and what impact do THEY have??

  2. There’s no stopping the candy! I met a lady who was so dead set her kids get “organic candy” that she went to all the houses in the neighborhood where her kids were going to be trick or treating and gave them the candy she wanted given to her kids. CRAZY!!!

    • “Jude, don’t touch that candy!” [smiles to neighbor handing out candy] “Sorry, he only eats local vegan non-denominational holiday treats. Do you have any kale chips or sprouted fece bars?”

    • Her first smiles weren’t excited enough so we told her to “just go for it.” She never disappoints!

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