Baking Together

Last night I was making our weekly bread and Child Harbat begged me to help.  She couldn’t wait to get her hands washed and the stepstool set up so she could work beside me, pouring the ingredients and mixing them together.  I think part of the appeal for her is the companionship of working together on a project; part of it is the fun of raw ingredients, bowls and spoons; part of it is the opportunity for eating a “snibbin” of dough.  For me I enjoy having company in the kitchen.  Working together to make food is truly one of our most basic functions as humans since we switched from hunters to hunter/gatherers.  Having CH in the kitchen early and often has helped her understand the building blocks of a good meal, and to comprehend the transformation from raw ingredients to a finished meal.  Baking bread together is one of the simplest and most fun things I do with her and I hope she grows up knowing how to make her own bread.

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  1. Anonymous said:

    You are such a good Dad! How lucky she is to have those kinds of experiences!

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