Oh the Indignity

When you entrust your prized childhood toys to your own kids, you can’t control the results.  For example, this battle-ready AT-ST from the Star Wars collection, now used as “a cart for Fairy Moon Sparkle”.  Look carefully, you can see the expression of shame on the vehicle’s face.  I guess it’s not any worse than being destroyed by a bunch of teddy bears armed with rocks.

AT ST and fairy


  1. AHHHAHA! I remember exactly where that thing was kept in Seth’s closet on Fernwood. I used to run into his room, steal a butterscotch candy out of that blue dispenser, then peruse the closet for delicate star wars toys!! Looks like it finally got put to good use!

    • I like that you use the word “peruse”, like you’re some sticky-fingered thief in a jewelry store. After eating all my butterscotch candies, your fingers probably were sticky. Ugh.

      Peter Soutowood

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