Small Architecture

Sometimes architecture doesn’t have to be big or flashy.  No massive cantilevered canopies, acres of unsupported glass, or soaring ceilings.  No need for an entry plaza to rival the Vatican, or a grand boulevard that belongs in Paris.  Unnecessary are write-ups in Dwell and Architectural Record gushing about new modalities, genre-shattering parti, and bold structural movements.

Sometimes architecture can be the things you find, grow, and pull from the ground.  What more do garden fairies need than a winding gravel path, a roof over their heads, and a building site overlooking the yard?

fairy house

  1. Anonymous said:

    Are there really faries in there? Please ask your daughter and let us know. Lila is wondering. Tia Pia

  2. This is crazy, I originally looked at this post from my phone and couldn’t tell that the leaf was propped up, I thought it was growing like that. Now this makes more sense. Cool!

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