The Human Troll Doll

Question:  What happens when big sister is tasked with washing Number Two’s hair?

Answer:  Once it is determined that the boy is actually a life-sized troll doll, many exciting hairstyles can be made.

Hairstyle 1

Hairstyle 2

After his initial shock at such a high-altitude hair-do, Number Two decided there were worse things in life than being salonned by your older sister.

Hairstyle 3

  1. Samantha said:

    SNUG A BUG!! Look at those teeth! Holy smokes!!!!!!
    PS: “This troll’s outfit is soaking wet!” (oh wait, he doesn’t have an outfit on…)

    • I know, isn’t he cute? And those huge upper teeth make him look like a hippo. That and the round belly.

      Peter Soutowood

  2. His bathtime shenanigans have gotten so energetic we have to cordon off areas and try to keep him in the tub. Boys…

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