Oh No, Not Again

You’d think I would’ve learned my lesson.  You’d be wrong.  This weekend on a beautiful sunny day I brought Number Two out into the yard for some afternoon frivolity and nature communion.  I smiled as I saw some birds wriggling and bathing in the kids’ water table—a pastoral scene pulled from a 19th century English landscape painting.

N2 water table 1

[Scene opens on a bucolic warm weekend afternoon.  Number Two crawls at maximum speed to the water table and begins splashing and carrying on.]

Babbo:Oh, isn’t that creative!  Number Two has found a bucket to scoop up water and augment his play!  Why, this must be a sign of complex play and the use of tools, a developmental milestone!

N2 water table 2

Hmm, that bucket has some sand in it.  Well, he seems happy enough to play.  Except…does he think that bucket is a water delivery method to the mouth, a sippy cup of the giants?  Well, with his first mouthful of sandy water he’ll reconsider this plan.  Let them learn, I say.  Experience rather than lecture.

N2 water table 3

Nope, experiment failed.  If anything, the added grit is adding texture to his muddy water beverage.  Now he’s sucking down great draughts of it like a lumberjack on a work break. So…was it enjoyable?

N2 water table 4

Number Two:  Ha ha!  I tricked you, Babbo!  I really only spilled it on my shirt.  So now can I go eat some dirt?

[Scene end]

  1. Babs said:

    Ha Ha! Fooled you. Although maybe a little bird poop slipped in. Yuck!

  2. Samantha said:

    Oh my gosh look at that hair! I didn’t even recognize him!!! I thought this was a neighbor’s kid!!!! I love how you are taking pictures whilst he chugs cholera water.

    • Oh relax, it wasn’t cholera water, it was malaria water. And he needs another haircut, he’s dangerously close to the long-haired skate rat looks common among sullen yutes down here in SoCal.

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