Holy Jeezum Crow and a whole bunch of other sanitized versions of non-curse sayings!  It’s the first day of Spring!  This means today is cool and overcast because San Diego just likes to be different.  Not Portland or Austin different, with skintight jeans and sexy tattoos…on men.  Speaking of dreary hipster types, I visited a great bar in San Diego that was made up to be a late 19th century drinkery, with heavy emphasis on cast iron scrollwork, formal signage on plaques (Sir, Please Remove Your Hat Before Approaching the Bar), and bartenders, err sorry, Mixologists, who wore vests, rolled-up shirtsleeves, and paperboy caps.  I really expected to see a velocipede-only drive-thru built on the side, and a moustache wax dispenser in the men’s room.  Listen, it’s only fun to make fun of hipsters when they take themselves so seriously.  How many guys toting portable typewriters to the local coffee shop to bang out a manifesto on The Tragic Decline of the Steam Locomotive do you see who look really happy, a huge grin hidden under their Pro-Level beard because life is just grand?  No, hipsterdom falls right on the unhappiness continuum between retired grump and emo depressive.

Ahh yes, we were talking about Spring.  Rather, I was talking about Spring and you were wondering how you’ve gotten an entire paragraph into a blog post about something other than Spring.  Our garden is really taking shape this year, mostly through my wife’s careful planning and purchasing and my willingness just to plant something somewhere before time runs out and we have a bunch of dead scorched plants hanging limp out of their pots in mid-August.  Maybe it’s because Child Harbat can play in the front yard and Number Two can do feats of strength pushing the wagon around the yard, but we are able to spend a lot of time outside this Spring and the garden really looks good.  Let’s just see what the local cats, skunks, mocking birds, slugs, snails, grasshoppers, and aphids can do to it before harvest time.

And because I’m a horribly lazy blogger and didn’t think to get a picture of the aforementioned beautiful garden progress, please enjoy this complimentary picture of Number Two about to be eaten by a ravenous wild lamb.

Number Two and lamb

  1. Gene Vricella said:

    Ma che carino, Pietro. Sembra una vecchia foto del secolo passato . . .

    • E un carino, davvero. Il foto e nuovo ma mi sembra un foto Victoriano. He just needs some knickers and a pageboy hat!

  2. Bks said:

    What a cutie! Love the little lamb theme.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Jeezum Crow! Your post is so filled with Vermont references I just had to chime in about that. The little photo with the lamb is great too, reminds me of my days growing up in VT in the local 4-H Sheep Club. DC’s being different this spring so far too. Still big coat weather most days. 30s today, especially thanks to the wind, teens tonight.

    • Lovell said:

      Oh yeah, Anonymous right above would be me.

    • Cheese and rice, I didn’t know you read my blog! What other Vehr-mont references are there?

      • Lovell said:

        Spotted the blog thanks to your new Twitter posts. Obviously Jeezum Crow is the big one, but the lamb in the photo was a perfect reminder of the family sheep farm (and originally, back in the 18th-19th centuries, VT was full of sheep, before cows, before not so many cows today either).

  4. Seriously…is that little lamb real??? Love the picture. Must have!! …the picture, NOT the lamb.

    • Actually it’s animatronic. Just after this picture it malfunctioned and shot sparks out its mouth while stampeding through school. Aren’t robo-lambs cute?

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