Big Boy Shoes

There’s something about wearing new shoes that makes you feel smarter, stand taller, salute the world with a confident smile.  Also if you’re learning to walk, hard-soled shoes give you a rigid platform to begin tottering around like the Star Trek cast when the ship was under attack and things were Going Wrong.  Number Two has been walking for a few months, but always behind a small pushcart or with his hands along the wall like Blind Pew.  With his new shoes this weekend he began taking steps on his own across the room, staggering from one parent to the other for congratulations and hugs before turning around and trying it again.  This made him so sure of his walking ability that he decided to stand up unaided in the bathtub, swaying precariously towards several unforgiving metal objects.  I realize I could be writing this about a very old man OR a toddler.  But enough about my thoughts on the matter, let’s ask Number Two if he likes his shoes:

Shoes 1



1 comment
  1. Anonymous said:

    What a cool dude! Good thing he’s strapped in that swing or he’d fall right out while checking out his awesome new shoes!!

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