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Oh lawdy, how good it feels to have a writing project again.  My poor neglected blog, three days without an update, but I have been cranking out words on this new project:  12,000 and counting.  The theme for this new fiction piece came to me one night and the next day I was in the garden and the name came to me, pop, like a single fat raindrop hitting me on the crown.  Since then it’s been pouring and I’m writing as fast as I can to get the characters on the page.  This new book is so exciting because it’s the closest to me, writing in a familiar place with familiar emotions and settings.  I always like learning something new with each book.  The first was a non-fiction travel account which I hope to be publishing this summer, more information on that in the coming weeks.  The second book was a historical thriller which was great fun to write but completely foreign to me.  It took a lot of research but I’m glad I went down that path to see what I found.  The third book, a young adult sci-fi, was something just for me that was almost like anti-research.  I got to make up everything and while world-building is great fun it can be tiring to try and keep names and devices straight.  Now this four book comes from my heart and memory so it will involve less research than the others.  Am I just getting lazy researching books?  I know this book idea came to me as the other three had, almost as an entire arc all at once.  With many false starts on writing projects in the past I’ve learned it’s good to see the beginning and end of a book first and let the exploration be in between.  If you start out and have no idea where you’re going to end up…it’s easy to divert and give up.  Being lost in a foreign city is only fun if you can eventually find a landmark and get back to your hotel.


So that’s it for this week.  There are going to be changes to the blog, to the writing pages, and perhaps I’ll be releasing little tidbits of my first three books and perhaps some teasers for the fourth as well.  Writing is something that gets both easier and harder with practice and I thank you, all my readers, for continuing to come back to the blog.  Visit often!

  1. mud4fun said:

    Congratulations on starting a new book.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on your first book after reading the tidbit of it the other week.

    PS. How are your wife and kids now, fully recovered from the shock of the accident I hope?

  2. Thanks. It should be a fun read and I’m just placing the pictures now so it shouldn’t be too long before it’s available. Wife and kids are doing okay, now just dealing with the administration and paperwork of all this. Whee.

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