The Unbearable Cheapness of Toys

There is a limit, toy-makers.  There is a limit past which you are cutting corners and leaving something which shouldn’t really exist.  Take for example a mermaid doll.  Sure, her makeup is smudged, the eyes distant and crossed, the plastic seam evident of crude hurried construction.  But these things can be overlooked by a child who wants a mermaid family in the bathtub.  So…this mermaid will do.

Mermaid 1


Let’s just brush out her hair and get her ready for some champion salonning.  But wait, what’s this.  GAAAAAAAHHHH!

Mermaid 2

  1. mud4fun said:

    LOL, we tend to mainly buy our kids Lego and Playmobil as they are well made quality toys that last. In fact my kids are still playing with Playmobil toys that I had when I was a child (30+ yrs old toys and still as good as new) 🙂

    Sadly too many of todays toys are made cheaply to sell cheaply and they just don’t last. Even makes that I had as a kid that were superb quality back then such as Fisher Price have deteriated to the point that we won’t buy them any more.

    This is what happens when Joe Public demand ever cheaper goods – the manufacturers sub contract production to China etc and they cut corners and sooner or later we end up with junk. I’d rather pay a little more and get quality goods but sadly the vast majority of quality manufacturers have gone out of business now as they can’t compete with the cheap junk that the majority buy.

    • My old toys still hold up well too! I think Joe Public would be rightly horrified by a doll that is almost completely bald. This toy crashes through the floor level of quality and ends up in the scary basement.

      • mud4fun said:

        It is terrible 😦

        Our youngest daughter is a real girly girl and loves her dolls, she would be devastated if her doll was bald.

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