Feeding a Unicorn

One of the things I’ve learned about parenting from my step-mother, who is a wonderful parent and longtime journalist about family issues, is how to let it go.  What fights are worth fighting?  Does every moment need to be a teachable lesson?  When is it okay to make a mess?  I learned from her, as Child Harbat wanted to wear her vampire cape to the beach, to just let it go sometimes.  It sounds ridiculously easy but as a parent you get stuck in a mode of protecting, nurturing, and educating your child and look in the mirror one day and realize you’ve turned into a joyless prude.  LET IT GO.

So what do you do when your daughter has dressed up in her unicorn outfit right before dinner and made a unicorn nest for herself out of a sheepskin stuffed into a laundry basket?  You LET IT GO.  My wife prepared her a plate of food so she could eat under a chair and keep the magic alive.  And we got to have a quiet meal as adults.  Just kidding!  We got to eat at the kitchen table with Mr. Noisy, but more about that tomorrow.  In the meantime, please line up one at a time to pet the unicorn.  Do not try to take its food away, however, unless you wanted to be gored with a horn.

CH as feeding unicorn

  1. You give me comfort that I’m not alone. Only I don’t have a unicorn. I have a ninja princess.

  2. Ninja princess sounds like a fun halloween costume!

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