The Happy Children

The end of the day is tough for everyone.  Child Harbat is usually over-stimulated and tired, Number Two has had a full day of preschool and has no idea how to read his body’s own cues that he is accelerating toward the bedtime wall at dangerous speed.  Now that it’s light out so late we are enjoying taking an afternoon stroll when we get home from work/school.  Number Two will walk to the porch, wrestle down his stroller, climb into the seat, and look up with the exact same look that dogs give when they are holding their leash at the front door:  “Could I be any more clear about this?”  So we push Number Two in the stroller and he watches the world roll by, a pretty nice way to ease into the evening.  CH will hop on her scooter and zoom around the neighborhood, then we all crash into the kitchen for dinner and everyone is:  A)hot, B)tired, C)grumpy.  Why grumpy?  It has something to do with cleaning the kitchen, making a new meal, and providing relief for screaming and whining children who have transformed into cloven-footed horned demons who DEMAND FLESH NOW!  How do they respond when given food?

N2 crying 1

N2 crying 2

You know, this picture is familiar.  Let’s jump in the time warp blog-o-rewinder and see how Baby Harbat reacted when I tried to take away a piece of bread.  See the same misery, the food ready to fall from the mouth during protest about not having enough food?  Do we all see the irony here?  What?  WHAT?  I can’t hear you over the crying.

BH crying


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