The Extroverted Kid

Every time I think Child Harbat might be not quite as extroverted as I observe, she does something that reinforces my beliefs.  I’m used to being forced to be an audience member for tricks in the pool, shows in the living room, shows in the hallway, dance routines, puppet shows, the list is as manifold as layers in an onion.  She will creep out of bed at night to come in the living room because she has to “tell me something” and gets furious if she is interrupted during one of her long rambling stories.  This kid loves to talk and be around people.  But she gets tired and cranky through overstimulation and I can tell when she needs a little break.  Her quiet time doesn’t include naps any more, as much as she needs them, but she’ll instead fall asleep in the car in a matter of minutes, sometimes in the middle of a sentence.  What happens during quiet time at home?  Usually it involves some kind of project.  And in case you had any doubt about who wants to be at the center of the social wheel, see the exhibit below.  Who is in the center, the gravity well of all planetary bodies, the origin point, the aleph, the source?  You guessed it.

CH surrounded by stuffies

  1. If we could only hear the conversations and stories she is telling all those stuffies!

  2. Samantha said:

    HOLY STUFFIES!! That looks quite familiar. Remember the shelving I had all around the top of my room to contain the bears…?

  3. mud4fun said:

    Our youngest will often fall asleep within minutes of getting into the car whereas she’ll stay awake in the house despite being obviously in need of sleep.

    The picture made me smile when I saw it last night as it reminds me so much of our daughters, the youngest especially, whose bed is so full of teddy bears that she can hardly fit in it. She will often be heard sitting telling stories to her bears and even telling them off for not listening! 😉

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