New website!

Hi everyone!  Thus begins a new chapter for me.  Please head over to for all new content.  There will still be the same inane blog posts featuring frequent mistakes in parenting and life, unsatisfying bedtime stories, and things sure to embarass my children when they’re older.  There will still be many bread and baked-good recipes, including the baffling popular rainbow unicorn cupcakes.  To all those structural engineers around the world who come searching for “shear punch failure” will not be disappointed–the archived blog post is here.  Everyone looking for gruesome crime scene photos will arrive at this post, get disappointed, then delighted when they move on to the rest of the site.

But there’s more!  I will be promoting my first released book, “From Border to Border:  Crossing the Continent by Land Rover” and the new website will have links, exclusive interviews with the author, and possibly some bonus content that didn’t make it into the book.  I’ll also have previews of my upcoming books and other writing trifles.

I hope all my subscribers head on over and please tell your friends.

Your host,

Peter Soutowood


  1. samantha said:

    Awesome!!!!! So excited to check it out!

  2. mud4fun said:

    The buy it now link is for Amazon US, do you think it’ll be on Amazon UK soon?

    Is there a subscribe link on the new site, I see it is powered by wordpress so shouldn’t your posts appear in my WP reader? It looks like I’ve missed the last couple of your posts 😦

    Best of luck with the new site and the book sales 🙂

    • The book is for sale on the US Amazon page but you can buy with GBP. Not sure it works that way but you should be ok to buy through the link. I’ll look into it some more to see if I find anything different.

      For subscribing you’ll have to resubscribe a the new page. Since I’ve got lots of great followers here I hope they sign up at the new page so they can get updates. Thanks for reading!

      • mud4fun said:

        um, I can’t see a subscribe link on the new site…..

  3. Thanks for catching that, the subscribe link is now up on the blog page here:

    Also the book SHOULD be available on I’ve found it on several other international Amazon sites, maybe it’s just taking a while to be added there. Check back regularly and let me know if you don’t find it there soon and I’ll contact Amazon. Thanks!

  4. mud4fun said:

    What is a kindle? 😉

    Many thanks for your efforts but sadly we don’t own or even wish to own a kindle. My wife and I much prefer the feel, smell and cosiness of a real book.

    Hell, we live in an 1850’s cottage powered by solid fuel, drive 30-50yr old Land Rovers and grow our own veg – we are not your typical modern gadget people 🙂 We have just one computer and one mobile phone (which is only for emergency), my wife is the dishwasher and the clothes dryer is a wooden rack above the Rayburn. Walking into our house is like stepping back in time by about 150 years…..

    Don’t worry, I will try and find a paper (proper 😉 ) version somewhere.


    • By the magic of computers, I restore your comment! If you go to the Smashwords link to the version of the book you should be able to download a PDF you could read on your computer. Best I can do for now since I’m not going with print books. I love printed books you can hold but to get a book out and to readers, e-publishing is fast and covenient for new authors.

      • mud4fun said:

        Thank you! I will try the pdf route.

        Hopefully your book will do so well that you can go for the printed version 🙂

  5. mud4fun said:


    I think the spam filter managed to put my reply to the above comment in your spam filter. Apparently Askimet did an update yesterday and it treated thousands of genuine comments as spam. 😦


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