Welcome to the Handmade library!  Here you’ll find the More Serious pieces of writing I’ve put on my blog, and some special works that only live here.  Please feel free to leave comments here or on the individual writing pages.

  1. jp said:

    Hey Peter,
    By any chance if you’ve got a minute could you tell me what’s your favorite flour : “Sperry Organic Bread Flour” or “Sperry Organic Hygluten Flour” ?
    It seems you’re making “white bread” and therefore I would think the first one should be perfect (and looking at your results it is perfect) … since I like to add some “whole” flours to mine (at least 50% of whole wheat or/and white whole wheat or/and whole rye, spelt, etc.) should I use a higher gluten flour ? Any experience about this “hygluten flour” ? Any experience about “whole flours” in the bread dough ?
    thanks a lot … even if you don’t have time to answer me this info about Sperry is great, I’m in LA but was going to SD next week and would have never known about it …

    • Hi JP,

      I like the Sperry flours overall, and I got the Hygluten because I wanted a stronger flour for pizza doughs and to mix with the bread flour for artisan breads. I also am now mixing the Hygluten half and half with the whole wheat to make the molasses-flax wheat sandwich. I find the higher protein levels in the Hygluten help hold together a bread like molasses-flax, which tends to get a little more crumbly because the gluten strands are cut by the wheat bran and flax bran. I had a pro baker tell me he used a 50/50 mix of bread and high gluten flours for all his artisan breads, and I’ve found that to work well. Happy baking!


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