On Zombies and Forgotten Places

Courtesy of opacity*

Four AM, I’m wandering through a labyrinthine sub-basement office complex, leading a small group of the last remaining humans.  Periodically I come across zombies who look vaguely human but have the blank stare of…something unwell.  I learn quickly that zombies have keen smell, and I kill one to take its clothes to hopefully mask my scent.  I find a large office, dispatch its undead residents and call in the group.

“This looks good.  It’s got defensible positions behind these computer monitors.  This will be our Alamo!” I yell out.

“What’s the Alamo?” asks one of the feebler women in our group.  Oh Lord, the future of humanity has this flotsam in our gene pool?

“This is where we make our final stand.  They will find us, we can back ourselves in here and…wait…”

I see I’ve missed a hallway at the back corner of the room.  I look around and a deep lobby disappears into darkness.  Our defensible position is more like a stadium.  Not defensible at all.  And they are coming.

Wake up!  Four AM and I’m on my feet beside our bed searching wildly around the room for an open window, whether for escape or cool air I haven’t decided.  Mistake #4:  keep the air conditioning on during a heat wave, or you’ll wake up from zombie dreams drenched in sweat.  Learn from my mistakes!

*Now about this picture.  It comes from opacity.us, a photography website about decaying spaces, abandoned buildings, generally places you visit in your nightmares.  Beautiful photography and clever web design makes this one of my favorite places to visit if I want to scare myself.  I also wrote about Lux Urbex last year, a website with incredible photography of places forgotten and left to rot.  Check it out and enjoy!

1 comment
  1. Babs said:

    Do you have a demanding and tricky meeting coming up soon with clients? Looking for an escape route??

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